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Upick Fund

What makes us special?

We have a unique business model where we look after every client's interests and goals, and we achieve them through an industry that hasn't been seen as an investment platform like this ever before. With 2 years of success in México, we are proud to provide the results that backup how our strategy makes our clients investments grow constantly.

We believe in innovation and responsible growth.

Meet the Team

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Carlos Lazo CEO Guadalajara, México +

Carlos Lazo


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Erick Sapien COO Guadalajara, México +

Erick Sapien


Helping build Upick Fund has been one of my biggest accomplishments yet. My priority is to generate value in everything we do. What I most enjoy about this job is creating lasting relationships with clients, partners and of course my team. The unique type of service and investment opportunity we offer is what motivates me to work towards being the best every single day and ultimately be able to exceed the expectations of the clients who have confided in us.

Karina Mendoza CAO Guadalajara, México +

Karina Mendoza


At Upick Fund I’ve learned that there aren’t any secrets to becoming successful. Success comes with hard work, serving the community, clients and promoters through a company pioneering the way in sports trading. Above all, working here has allowed me to develop professionally and personally.

Alejandra Saavedra CMO Guadalajara, México +

Alejandra Saavedra


I believe in every step we've taken to reach our goal since the moment I started a relationship with the company. I was certain that we would change lives. It's a privilege to be able to share something so unique and demonstrate each day that we won't give up until we reach our full potential. For every life we change, we grow more and to be open to new opportunities for advancement is one of the most valuable lessons I've learned while working at Upick. The most important thing is that we keep learning and growing for our future and for the people that matter most to us.

Miguel Sánchez CTO Guadalajara, México +

Miguel Sánchez


As a programmer, my main focus is to create digital tools that help Upick and it's clients. At Upick, that's our way of thinking - putting others first and helping change the lives of the people who have confided in our service, so they can be confident about their investments and future with the company.

Alexa Watts U.S. CMO Miami, Fl +

Alexa Watts


I like to brainstorm, execute, celebrate. More than anything, my goal is to make a difference in the lives of others and take care of my clients. I’m excited by team collaboration, connecting people, customer relationships and product. Everyday, I aim to bring Upick's brand and company culture to life through visuals and proper marketing with the help of an awesome team.