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We believe in innovation and responsible growth.

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Carlos Lazo CEO Guadalajara, México +
Carlos Lazo
Carlos Lazo
Carlos has financial experience in the stock markets and more than 10 years living off sports trading, perfecting his strategies and algorithm.
His vision is to generate products and services with value and differentiation. Carlos is in charge of giving direction to each of the company’s projects in order to reach goals in an effective and efficient way, while always looking out for the well-being of our clients.
Anthony Jabbour Chief Operating Officer – Upick Panama Ciudad de Panama Republica de Panama +
Anthony Jabbour
Anthony Jabbour
Chief Operating Officer – Upick Panama
Anthony oversees all new business development for Upick Panama, LATAM and the international market. He is in charge of strategic preparation, market study, customer service and building and maintaining new relationships and opportunities for the fund.
Paulina Barboza CMO Guadalajara, México +
Paulina Barboza
Paulina Barboza
Paulina is the Administrative Manager for Upick Panamá. She is in charge of capital management, project management and direction.
Miguel Sánchez CTO Guadalajara, México +
Miguel Sánchez
Miguel Sánchez
Miguel is our Lead Engineer whose focus is to build the digital tools that help Upick Panamá and its clients.
Nicole Lazo CAO Guadalajara, México +
Nicole Lazo
Nicole Lazo
Nicole is our Marketing Manager in charge of Marketing and Public Relations for Upick Panamá.
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