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Upick Fund assets are managed with the objective of offering attractive returns, capital stability, liquidity and risk diversification.

Upick Fund

Sports trading

Upick Fund Sports Trading is dedicated to sports trading across major league sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

Estimated annual yield: 16-19%.

A new way to achieve your business goals.

The Benefits of Sports Trading:

Carlos Lazo, our Founder and CEO found that sports trading was an industry defined by mathematics, and with the analysis of variables and historic data we could find opportunities for success without being directly affected by factors in the financial world that are complex to predict or analyze.

With 10 years of experience developing and perfecting our proprietary mathematical algorithm, we're able to generate constant growth in sports trading, avoiding major drops in capital value through our daily risk policy, and also maintain control of our transactions, profits and losses. This unique strategy of money management allows us to diversify our investments and create real value for our clients with little risk.